My Parenting Product Picks

One Last Christmas Gift.

Just a mom product I wanted to share with you guys. I ordered this mat two days before Christmas hoping I would get it before. But my son is 7 months old, he doesn’t even know what Christmas is. So no biggie. I wanted a mat because I live in an apartment with all hardwood floors and he is learning how to crawl.

Plus, why not? He’ll be crawling, playing and learning how to walk. And it’s cute!

So one thing you should know about me. I research everything before I buy it. Like in an unhealthy manner. I’m way too over analytical (thanks again, dad).

After much research, I found a 36 piece mat that I was happy with and claims to be non-toxic.


It was much larger than I anticipated. I got it for $23 bucks, free shipping. I also have Amazon Prime. So far my hunny loves it and it is much easier for him to practice his weird army crawling than on a blanket or a rug.

No weird smells when I opened the package, I haven’t found any damage or “pieces of glass, foreign objects, etc”. I love it. Here is a link if you want to check it out for yourself.




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