My Beef With Maybelline.

Guys, I used to have a serious love hate relationship with Maybelline foundations and concealers. I have very fair skin. I loved the coverage and blend of their foundations, but the lightest shades were always WAY too dark. I have seen little improvement over the years with this, but I still can’t give them up.

I do love how they have come out with the Fit Me foundations that are both matte and dewy since all skin types are obviously different. I just purchased this specific foundation from them. (See below)

All of us come a long way when it comes to finding out what works for us and our skin. I am stubborn. I swore forever that everything on my face had to be matte. I recently had a revolution and realized my skin type was pretty dry. So this is the first dewy foundation I have tried and I LOVE the finish of it. I will post another blog with pictures of coverage and do an in depth review.

But I just wanted to share a recent purchase and revolution of mine, hahaha. What are your skin types? Go to foundations? Any dewy foundations you would like me to try? Let me know!



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