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FREE Sally Hansen Nail Polish

So I did not find this deal myself (and usually don’t). But I have to share, right?? Okay, so this is super simple. I got these at Wawp-1483026829678.jpglgreens.

They have these select nail polishes on clearance. I believe it is only these specific colors, but it may be different in different locations (I’m in Ohio). Anywho, these are on clearance for $1.99 and in the WEEKLY ad there is a coupon for $2 off this specific product. Yes, I know the value of the coupon is more than the product. *Some* stores may give you a hard time about it, it just really depends on the store and the manager.

Also, I have heard some stores only let you get 3, some 4. Mine let me get 7 (I just got one of each color).

This deal is good until Saturday December 31 until 11:59 PM. Go to Walgreens and get your free nail polish ladies!!



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